Punisher: War Zone #10


Issue: # 10

Cover Date: Dec ’92

Pages: 32

Status: 8/10

Contributors: Chuck Dixon (scripts), Mike Harris (pencils), Mike Manley (cover art – inks)


«Two down… five to go!»

Punisher is caught by Garrote who tries to cut his neck with a strangling thread. Also Tequila has you within range. At the last moment we managed to apply the meter brake and get rid of his attacker. Although Tequila flees, Garrote is not so lucky and dies from a shot to the head. Meanwhile Microchip is attacked at the base of operations by Silencio but with a little luck he escapes from his aggressor and ends him. Punisher goes to Lynn’s house to heal his wounds but at that moment they are attacked by Stiletto who wounds Lynn in the shoulder. Punisher ends the murderer and decides to end this persecution of him and all his acquaintances by looking for the source of all his problems, Rosalie Carbone.


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