Punisher: War Zone #09


Issue: # 09

Cover Date: Nov’92

Pages: 32

Status: 8/10

Contributors: Chuck Dixon (scripts), Mike Harris (pencils) Mike Manley (cover art)


«Going… Going… Gone!»

Punisher and Lynn continue the persecution of a rapist who acts in the park that they watch over. They manage to corner him but he manages to get to the subway where a shooting begins that causes several victims. Meanwhile, the assassins hired by Rosalie Carbone search for all the Punisher acquaintances who can take them to him. First they kidnap Mickey Fondozzi and then they find Microchip who has returned to the warehouse that they use as a base of operations. Punisher manages to end up face to face with the rapist but this one is protected with a hostage. What the Punisher does not know is that this hostage is one of the assassins who persecute him and is accompanied by another assassin who blocks the Punisher. This one still being seized, ends with the rapist but remains defenseless before the assassins.


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